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Smile In A Day

In the early 1990’s, Dr. Paulo Maló with the help of Nobel Biocare, developed a way in which dental implants could be placed and restored in a single day – hence the idea of Smile-In-A-Day was born. This was a huge leap forward from the traditional dental implant placement and restoration process that could take upwards of twelve months to complete.

This approach gained significant visibility and traction within the dental community (commonly known as All-On-Four, Teeth-In-A-Day or Smile-In-A-Day), but it still remains fairly obscure as far as general public awareness goes.

Although our patients often have not heard about this treatment option when we first present it to them them, they are greatly impressed by the two main benefits that this approach offers:

  • The dental implants can be placed and restored with a temporary, hybrid denture within a single appointment
  • The angle at which the dental implants are placed allows us in many cases to avoid using the invasive bone graft procedure

The sections that deal with Smile-In-A-Day, provide many of the details that are relevant to people considering this as a treatment alternative –what is involved, when is it appropriate, what are the benefits, etc. If you would like more information about Smile-In-A-Day in general or would like to discuss your case specifically, we would encourage you to call one of our locations or email us at

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