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Oral Hygiene

A person’s overall health is determined by their diet and the amount of exercise they happen to get. However, most people do not understand that their oral hygiene plays a factor in their health in addition to exercising and eating a balanced diet. Oral health actually factors into the overall health of an individual and their well being.

It can affect their confidence and ability to socialize which factor into a person’s lifestyle. Missing or infected teeth or gums causing pain, can influence a person’s eating habits, what they eat and how they eat, as well as their speech and willingness to smile or talk to others. As stipulated, this pattern will have an effect on their state of mind manifesting in physical and attitude changes.

Just like all other diseases, an oral disease should be treated quickly, and thoroughly whenever a dentist identifies any precursors of tooth decay, gingivitis or other types of periodontal issues. Studies have shown that poor oral health can lead to and aggravate the following conditions, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory issues, and stroke in senior adults in addition to low-birth weight or pre-term babies. The evidence found in the studies proves the importance in keeping a healthy mouth is as valuable as keeping the rest of the body in good condition.

Trillium Dental makes your oral health, now and in the future, a top priority. If you have concerns about your oral hygiene, book an appointment with one of our Ottawa dentists today. We welcome new patients, patients seeking second opinions, or a new general dentist or cosmetic dentist. We have dental offices in Downtown Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Stittsville and Carp. Please call one of our locations or email us at to book a dental appointment.

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